Made to order

A few creations made to order

Move the cursor on the thumbnails to see the PRICES.
Click on the thumbnails to ENLARGE and to see the flowers' SIZES.

Bunch of blue and white Roses [ref. 64]
order [ref. 64]
Silver Rose [ref. 49]
order [ref. 49]
Mixed Flowers [ref. 67]
order [ref. 67]
Fuchsia Hyacinths [ref. 68]
order [ref. 68]
6 Daisies for Wood Boxes decoration [ref. 69]
order [ref. 69]
2 big Iris [ref. 70]
order [ref. 70]
Big Daisies 24cm [ref. 71]
order [ref. 71]
Mixed Flowers for a Bride's Bouquet [ref. 72]
order [ref. 72]
Magnolia Branch [ref. 83]
order [ref. 83]