The making of Stocking flowers


Tools and accessories

To make stocking flowers, the basic tools and accessories are :

  • metallic wire
  • stocking
  • sewing thread
  • colored adhesive tape (floratape)
  • a few tools : wire cutter , cissors, pliers ...

The use of metallic or plastic shapes helps to obtain similar leaves.

To decorate the flowers, many plastic or foam components are available.


The making of a flower

to make a leaf or a petal, the wire is bent to shape, then the stocking is stretched all over it.

The stocking is attached with the sewing thread.

The resulting petals are attached to one another with the sewing thread. Floratape is then wrapped at the base of the leaves to hide the thread.

fleur finie

The result

After repeating the previous steps several times ... here is the result !